Have you been tempted by the thought of forgoing your flimsy dentures in pursuit of a more permanent option to missing teeth but have been intimidated by the implant process?

We are here to remove any apprehension you may have regarding the All On Four Dental Implants treatment by providing a step-by-step guide of what to expect so you can be smiling again sooner!

The Consult

We take great pride in sitting down with our patients and really listening to what they want to achieve out of the treatment. During this process we gather information about your needs and wants, take diagnostics, including a 3D X-ray and from there we put together a treatment plan.

The treatment plan contains a comprehensive break-down of the number of appointments you will need, the appointment information and duration and a complete itemised list of costs involved for each appointment. This alleviates any uncertainty so patients can follow this and know exactly what is going on for the duration of the treatment.

The Process

During the first appointment moulds and scans are taken, while bridge aesthetics and preferences are discussed.

The second appointment is the implant surgery that takes place at our Bondi practice, coordinated with a trusted sedationist. During the surgery, any teeth that need to be removed are removed and the area is cleaned up and made disease-free. The All On Four Implants are then fitted and within 24 hours the provisional teeth are added.

‘The day after surgery when people get their teeth is my favourite day…there is a lot of emotion in the room, a lot of happiness’ says Dr. Bobby Chhoker.

The following appointment takes place three months after the implants are initially fitted. During the third appointment, the implants are checked to ensure they are integrated and the issue is healthy.

During this stage, new impressions are taken to create a permanent bridge, which takes two weeks to be made. Once the patient is 100% happy with the permanent bridge it is signed off to be completed. The great part about this process is that the patient is never without teeth the entire time.

The Results

The results are a natural-looking, permanent solution to missing teeth that allows patients to smile with confidence.

We see a number of patients who are unsure about whether implants are suitable for their lifestyle or their budget. While the expectation is that medical procedures such as this are extremely expensive, we maintain a very high standard of quality that is as accessible as possible, as well as numerous finance and payment plans available.

We encourage you to visit us for an assessment for both the clinical and financial aspect of the treatment to see how we can make this happen for you.

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