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Clear Braces or Fixed Braces? | In the chair with Dr. Bobby

What is the difference between clear/visible braces and fixed braces?  We have so many people come in and ask what kind of braces they should have. Obviously it depends on the situation but in this episode Dr Bobby answers your questions about clear and fixed braces.  Which process is faster? Clear braces vs fixed braces? …

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The Risks of Medical Tourism |In Chair with Dr. Bobby

It is only human to be swept up in the allure of medical tourism; who doesn’t love a ‘discount’ and a holiday?  At Dr. Bobby Chhoker, we understand why Australian’s are romanticized by the idea of traveling abroad for medical treatments, however, we often wonder; at what cost is the ‘discount’ really worth? Samantha came…

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In the Chair with Dr. Bobby Chokker

Dr Bobby Chhoker dentist in Bondi Junction holding business card as first episode for his show

“Dr. Chhoker is one of the greatest dentists’ in Bondi Junction and Sydney!” Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a dentist in Sydney that treated you with the utmost care and ensured you always felt comfortable? Whether you’re speaking over the phone, in a consult, or in the chair having…

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