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In The Chair with Dr. Bobby Chhoker

I Can’t Stop Smiling | In the Chair with Dr. Bobby Chhoker

crowns and veneers

“Bobby has made me want to smile again, I can’t stop smiling” – Nikki, Crown and Veneers patient. Meet our patient Nikki, she was really unhappy with her smile and thought it was holding her back from a lot of things. She wasn’t happy with her top teeth, she felt like they didn’t suit her…

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Clear Braces Case Study | In the Chair with Dr. Bobby Chhoker

clear braces

Do you want straight teeth? Whether it is for aesthetic or functional reasons, clear braces could be for you. Clear braces are removed every two weeks and replaced with a new mould that is already provided to you. We met with two patients who have had clear braces to discuss their experience with the clear…

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Teeth Straightening FAQ’s | In The Chair with Dr. Bobby

In this episode of In the Chair with Dr Bobby Chhoker all your teeth straightening questions will be answered.  How do I keep my teeth straight? Have your teeth moved after your braces were removed? This is a problem many people have and it may be because you are not using a retainer. Retainers ensures…

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Clear Braces or Fixed Braces? | In the chair with Dr. Bobby

What is the difference between clear/visible braces and fixed braces?  We have so many people come in and ask what kind of braces they should have. Obviously it depends on the situation but in this episode Dr Bobby answers your questions about clear and fixed braces.  Which process is faster? Clear braces vs fixed braces? …

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The Risks of Medical Tourism |In Chair with Dr. Bobby

It is only human to be swept up in the allure of medical tourism; who doesn’t love a ‘discount’ and a holiday?  At Dr. Bobby Chhoker, we understand why Australian’s are romanticized by the idea of traveling abroad for medical treatments, however, we often wonder; at what cost is the ‘discount’ really worth? Samantha came…

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The All On Four Process | In The Chair with Dr. Bobby Chhoker

All On 4 Dental Implants Process - In The Chair with Dr. Bobby Chhoker

Have you been tempted by the thought of forgoing your flimsy dentures in pursuit of a more permanent option to missing teeth but have been intimidated by the implant process? We are here to remove any apprehension you may have regarding the All On Four Dental Implant treatment by providing a step-by-step guide of what…

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