Do you want straight teeth? Whether it is for aesthetic or functional reasons, clear braces could be for you. Clear braces are removed every two weeks and replaced with a new mould that is already provided to you. We met with two patients who have had clear braces in Sydney to discuss their experience with the clear braces process. 


Brook – Aesthetic Clear Braces

Brook, one of Dr Bobby’s patients, decided to get clear braces for aesthetic reasons. 10 years ago his wisdom teeth started to come through and he noticed his front teeth were becoming crooked. Brook chose the at home casting option because it was easier for the dentist to come to him. They came to his house and had impressions done, this process was fast and easy. 

Within two weeks he received 15 sets of clear braces, he wore one set for two weeks and then moved onto the next mould. Gradually the shape of this teeth shifted and they became straight. Brook is extremely happy with his straight teeth because now he has more confidence overall. He is opening up more and is no longer worried about his teeth. It has been great to see Brooks teeth shift using our clear braces method. 

Tom – Functional Clear Braces

Tom, one of Dr. Bobby’s patients, has had fixed braces in the past. However, due to Tom’s lack of upkeep with his retainer his teeth had a relapse. Tom wanted to fix his teeth for functional reasons and noticed the clear braces were a nice, quick option for him. He preferred this because he had the freedom to take them out in certain situations, like if he was meeting with clients or going out for a birthday. 

Tom has found the clear braces to be a very easy process. He has had a few dental check ups during the process to check if things are okay, but other than that he has changed the clear braces every two weeks himself. He discussed the planned results with Dr. Bobby but they have come out better than expected! 

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