What is the difference between clear/visible braces and fixed braces? 

We have so many people come in and ask what kind of braces they should have. Obviously it depends on the situation but in this episode Dr Bobby answers your questions about clear and fixed braces. 

Which process is faster? Clear braces vs fixed braces? 

Clear braces:  Depending on complexity you can have them on from 3-9 months. 3 months for simple cases, 6 for moderate cases and 9 for complex cases. 

Fixed braces: We don’t use traditional fixed braces we use a technology called fast braces which on average are completed within 4 months. 

The treatment plans are not far off in their speed other than extreme or complex cases. 

Which process is best for you? Clear braces or fixed braces?

 Clear braces: Offers solutions for tilting and rotating the teeth so they are straight. In cases where you are concerned about the aesthetics and most of the function, this is a convenient way of doing things because you can’t see them. They are like a vacuum pack that go over the teeth and you can wear them during the day and they are not noticeable. 

Fixed braces: They can do a lot more than clear braces, they can move the tooth wherever you want! It is important because it moves the bone with it and you can expand arches and do other things. We don’t use fixed braces that take forever, we use fast braces so you won’t be wearing braces for long! 

Eating and cleaning? Fixed vs clear braces

Clear braces: We usually advise that you don’t eat with clear braces in. You can eat with the clear braces in but you may trap some food in there. They do pop out so you can mainly take them out and clean your teeth straight after you eat. Clear braces need to be in for 22 hours a day. The 2 hours you take them off should be for eating and cleaning. But we know there are situations where you can’t take them out when you eat, so clean your teeth afterwards. 

Fixed braces: These braces are fixed in place so you can definitely eat with them in. You just need to be more vigilant with your cleaning because you have more things attached to your tooth so there are more areas for food to get stuck in. It is recommended that after meals you brush your teeth to avoid food catching. 

If you are thinking about having straight teeth whether it’s for a wedding, big day or relapse treatment feel free to come in or contact us. We do clear and fixed braces and we offer a free assessment to find what is best for you!

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