Have you ever had that sinking feeling when someone says “group photo!”? A wave of panic setting in trying to figure out how to smile without showing your teeth and “ruining” the photo, or maybe you could just quietly slip out of the room without anyone noticing….

In this latest episode of In the Chair with Dr. Bobby Chhoker we follow the journey of two patients, Derek and Marc, who came to us with smile issues and damaged self confidence as a result. We created an individual treatment plan for each patient to give them a complete smile makeover. 

The Treatment

Derek required bone grafting and implant treatment in order to fix his smile – not an easy procedure. But thankfully Dr Bobby’s many years of experience provided Derek with a smooth procedure. Marc first required Fastbraces technology to straighten his teeth, followed by whitening and finished with hand sculpted Zirconia crowns. 

The Results

Derek and Marc were able to achieve amazing transformations both physically and psychologically, with them both describing a visible lift in confidence as a result of their new smiles. 

If you or someone you know is embarrassed about their smile, don’t wait any longer – take the time to book in a complimentary consultation where you will be heard and all options will be provided to you on how to get the perfect smile you deserve.

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