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All on 4 surgery is a revolutionary procedure that allows for patients to once again have a fixed and permanent smile and never have to worry about ill fitting and uncomfortable dentures. 

The procedure is advanced and allows for a full bridge of teeth to be supported by just 4 implants. The surgery takes around 3 – 5 hours and you will have your new teeth fitted within 24 hours.

Who can have the procedure?

The procedure is best suited to people that have loose or ill-fitting dentures. The procedure is also suited to those with gum disease or Terminal Dentition which means you have broken, decayed or heavily restored teeth. It is possible to have a combination of these.

If loose or missing teeth are impacting your life, affecting your confidence or making it difficult to eat then this surgery can definitely help to improve your quality of life.

How does it work? 

The All on 4 procedure involves surgically placing implants into 4 areas of the jaw at specific angles where your jaw bone is typically stronger. A scan is taken of your mouth after the surgery and sent to the lab so that they can create your bridge. Within 24 hours, we will have the bridge back from the lab and we will be able to fit your brand new teeth. Three months after the surgery, one the implants have fused to your bone, you will come back to the clinic so that we can prepare to have your final bridge made. This is the bridge that should last you a lifetime with proper care and regular check ups. 

How much does it cost?

Surgery prices start from 16k but are solely dependent on each individual case. Whilst we know that All on 4 can be expensive, did you know that in many cases you can use your super to pay for treatment!

How do I maintain my All on 4?

Maintaining your All on 4 dental implants is as simple as maintaining real teeth. You need to ensure that you are brushing well and with a good technique. You also need to ensure that you have regular check ups with your dentist so that the bridges can be cleaned and kept in their best condition. 

All on 4 dental implants Sydney 

It is imperative that if you are looking for All on 4 dental implants Sydney that you choose the best surgeon for you. The procedure is advanced and you need to ensure that you are in capable hands. Dr Chhoker has over 23 years experience and has performed hundreds of All on 4 surgeries. Dr Chhoker is there for you during every step of the journey. 


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