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Do you have crooked teeth? – In the Chair with Dr. Bobby Chhoker


Do you feel embarrassed because you have crooked teeth and it is making it hard with your personal and professional life? No problem, there’s always a solution, and in this case it’s called clear braces or Invisalign.

When you come to the clinic for an assessment, we make a visual plan for you, so you can see what your teeth are going to look like. Once you approve it, a set of appliances are created for you. What they do is put some pressure on your teeth making them move to adjust them correctly along your mouth. After 2 weeks they get loose, you need to change them for another new set and follow through the same system until you get straight teeth.

What are the benefits? 

  • Clear braces act very fast 
  • They are virtually invisible 
  • They are easy to use
  • They are affordable!

We recently had a young man who felt embarrassed about his teeth, he was getting married and he really wanted to straighten his teeth for the most important day of his life! He came in, we presented a visual plan for him, he got very excited with it and once his appliances arrived, he went through the process. The result was unbeatable, he had lovely straight teeth, he came in to thank us and tell us how grateful he was with the amazing change. He got married, it was indeed the best day of his life and he now has beautiful pictures of his wedding too!

We are offering a free online consultation to make it easier for you. Do you need a financial plan? That’s not a problem, at Dr Bobby Chhoker clinic we have different payment plans adjusted to suit everyone’s needs. Find more information here.


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