In these moments we are all living, it is important to keep ourselves protected by wearing a mask. But, today I’d like to mention some of the side effects you might not be aware of that implies wearing a mask in the long term. 

When you wear a mask, you are inhaling and exhaling carbon dioxide that is making a barrier in your mouth because of wearing the mask. The result is an accumulation of carbon dioxide behind the mask in your mouth. 

When your carbon dioxide levels are higher, that means that the levels of plaque in your mouth increase as well, provoking a higher risk of having gum disease and decay. 

The problem here is that you might not feel it in its first stage, you might get some symptoms that soon disappear. But that does not mean the problem is gone. It sometimes accelerates the problem to a no return point. 

As prevention is always better than cure, we’ll act soon and there will be less to be working on, cost effective and easier to cure.

What’s the solution? An effective dental check up with a proper examination of your teeth, involving 2 Xrays to check that you do not have decay inside your teeth, a proper scale and polish, and fluoride treatment to strengthen any areas where you have built up.


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