In this episode of In The Chair with Dr. Bobby Chhoker, Stuart Whiteley the representative of BioHorizons and Henry Schein Halas chats with Dr. Bobby about his experience with implant dentistry. 


Stuart has  known Dr. Bobby for 5 years as Bobby was one of the lecturers at Henry Schein Halas teaching dentists around Australia how to place implants as he is an expert in the field.  From very simple to very complex procedures implant dentistry is is one of his passions and BioHorzion’s provide the tools for Bobby to get the best results for his patients,

How did Dr. Bobby get a strong interest in implants to make it such a big part of your practice?

Bobby qualified many years ago in the UK at Guys and St. Thomas Medical School. From there he was cherry picked by one of the professors to work at his practice and his focus was implants. From the very first day he left university he was being mentored about implants and became really passionate about this procedure. He did his masters degree on implants at the University of Warwick where another professor picked him to give lectures for his student group. His passion grew and he realised he enjoyed teaching and imparting knowledge about implants.

Later on Bobby moved to Australia and began teaching dentists in Australia about the procedure of implants. Bobby is very grateful that BioHorizons and Henry Schein Halas support him in his endeavours educating dentists and patients.

Why do we do what we do?

Stuart Whiteley loves providing dentists like Bobby with the tools he needs so that they can see amazing results. That is also Bobby’s favourite part about his job, seeing the results and watching patients transform instantly is a great feeling. Bobby often notices that patients come in with a lack of confidence and they then transform within 24 hours with a great smile. they literally become a different person as they can’t stop smiling. 

If you’re thinking about having an implant treatment see Bobby as he is an expert in implants and can give you the smile you have always wanted. 

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