Straight white teeth would be nice, wouldn’t it? But with the teeth pulling, metal wires stuck in your mouth, and needing to endure this for two whole years… It’s kind of hard to justify. But that’s the old and rusty type of braces. The new Fastbraces technology that you’ll see in episode 3 of In The Chair With Dr. Bobby Chhoker, straightens your teeth in just 120 days.

Traditional Braces Vs Fastbraces

While traditional braces take a year, and often up to two… Fastbraces technology has allowed our patients to achieve award-winning smiles in as little as 120 days. The main difference is the shape of the bracket. This bracket is what is glued onto your teeth, with the wire running through, and is what allows your teeth to be straightened. Traditional brackets are square in shape and move your teeth into the correct position in two stages. Even when they look visibly straight, your roots aren’t yet in place. In contrast, Fastbraces are triangular in shape. And through other patented technologies, they are able to move the roots in place faster. Allowing you to get your desired result in months not years.

Benefits Of Fastbraces

Apart from the obvious benefit of it being faster, you’ll experience:

  • Less pain. Instead of hurting more as most people would think, Fastbraces can cause less discomfort than traditional braces. And don’t forget you’ll have them on for a much shorter time frame (less overall pain!)
  • Fewer costs. Instead of going for the other alternative to traditional braces (Invisalign), opting for Fastbraces allows fewer dentist visits and lower overall costs.
  • More motivation. It’s difficult to justify braces, especially when you’re not in high school anymore. But if you know they’ll be off in just a few months, it’s a lot easier to take the leap and go for it.

That’s a bunch of solid reasons why you should go for Fastbraces over traditional braces

But Why Dr. Bobby Chhoker?

  1. We provide a complimentary consultation in our practice
  2. Take the time to listen to your needs and see things from your perspective
  3. Analyse your problems and consider all the newly available technology
  4. Provide a range of solutions that are pain-free & provide you with all the information you need
  5. We take the time to make the right decision for you, instead of pushing you for any solution.

We Specialise In Fastbraces & Cosmetic Dentistry Patients

If you, or someone you know has crooked or yellow teeth and are in need of dental work, take advantage of our complimentary consultation offer. Together, we’ll come up with a solution for your dental needs.

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