Did you know we have a financial solution for EVERYBODY.


We all know that dental treatment can be costly and certainly the cost of living in Sydney is creeping up as well. 

That’s why we have four easy payment options that you can take advantage of so that you can either get that smile you deserve, or look after an emergency treatment and not have to worry about money.

Option 1: 4 Easy Installments

Pay off your dental expenses in four easy payments over 12 months – one payment each quarter. Keep track of your payments on an easy app on your phone.

Option 2: 18 Months Interest Free

Pay off your treatment in fortnightly payments with an interest free period of 18 months. It’s easy to apply and get approved in practice.

Option 3: 36 Months Interest Free

This option is similar to the 18 month option. Except you get 36 months interest free to pay off your treatment.

Option 4: Up to 7 years payment plan.

Choose from 1 to 7 years to pay off your dental treatment. Flexible payment options and we offer a concierge service in practice to get your application approved.

We understand that each treatment is different as well as each person’s situation is different. So plans are customised to your needs. Come into the practice to discuss the payment plan that suits you and don’t let finance hold you back from getting the smile you deserve.