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Full Jaw On 4 Implants

Full jaw on 4 implants are used to restore an entire jaw or both jaws with dental implants that can give you back the confidence to smile or eat without having to worry about compacting food within your gums.

It is suited to people who have loose or ill-fitting dentures that are causing you grief. If you have gum or periodontal disease, or Terminal Dentition; which means you have broken, decayed or heavily restored teeth. You may have a combination of these.

Loose or Missing teeth can make you feel embarrassed to eat in public, result in poor taste and bad breath and make you uncomfortable to remove food trapped in your mouth.

This can cause a lower quality of life. If bone resorption is an issue for you where the bone has receded due to lack of stimulation implants can assist.

Dental Implants can offer you a cost and time effective solution.


Before / After Photos
1. BC - Before - IMG_0927-min
1. BC - After - IMG_1217-min

The Next Steps To A Natural Smile:

Dr. Bobby Chhoker has provided this solution many times and can analyse your dental condition to see if Porcelain Veneers are the best fit for you.

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Our Process


Placing of implants

After a consultation, 4 implants are placed into your mouth.

Teeth in a day

The next day bridges (temporary teeth) are placed.

Temporary Teeth Removal

After 3 months and once your mouth has settled the temporary bridges are removed.

Permanent Bridges

Titanium bridges which provide rigidity and strength are then implanted into your mouth.

End Results

The end results are a natural looking smile giving you back full of use of your mouth and the confidence to smile.


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