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How to get pearly whites – In the Chair with Dr. Bobby Chhoker


So, you have tried whitening teeth offers, whitening natural remedies or even whitening toothpaste, but your teeth are still yellow or with stains. You might even feel embarrassed because you really want to have white pearly teeth. 

Some of the online offers out there are not even safe, as they do not have the safe ingredients to whiten your teeth. Following the AAPPC and Australian Dental Association, at our clinic we have the safest treatment of the market to get the pearly smile you deserve!

There are two types of staining, the intrinsic staining (which comes from inside the tooth and is genetic) and the extrinsic staining (which comes from outside the tooth). The extrinsic staining is a result of things like coffee, red wine, food or smoking habits. 

We can offer you two different types of whitening to help you achieve the whitest teeth you ever had. Both of them offer the same results, which is getting a white smile. 

The first option we have available is home whitening. We will specifically create trays for you to fit your teeth in and we will give you a gel that you will have to put into the trays and wear them twice a day (30 minutes each time). After seven to ten days you’ll achieve a white amazing smile.  

The in clinic option is similar to the first option but we’ll have you in the clinic for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Everything in your mouth is protected, we put some gel in your teeth and remove it, repeating the process three to four times. The process is similar and you get the same results. The advantage with that process is that you get the results immediately after an hour or so. 

You don’t have to be a Hollywood star to get your white pearly smile, as it’s affordable to everyone! For your convenience, we also have different financial plans available at the clinic. Click here to learn more about it.


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