It is important to distinguish between general dentistry and surgery, as they are very different things. In our clinic we have purpose built surgery technology for implant treatments to keep you safe and offer you a high standard quality treatment for a smile that will last a lifetime!

Today, I would like to guide you through the toys we have available in our clinic to offer you the best technology of the market.

The most important equipment we have for surgery is the CBCT X-RAY SCANNER. This machine revolves along your head providing 3D scanning of teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone. It is essential for all treatments related to either single implants or full mouth rehabilitation.

Our actual implant machine is called OSSEOSET and it measures the stability of each implant giving an indication of the bone quality as well. There’s another machine that works together with the OSSEOSET and it’s called PIEZOELECTRIC. It allows me to work precisely and safely when I need to create a hole for the implant in the case that there’s not much bone. It also helps me to remove damaged tissue while preserving healthy tissue.

I am so proud to present the 3 SHAPE ORAL SCANNER, as it is one of the most amazing scanners in the business right now. It scans the mouth fully to give an actual 3D image of the mouth internally which allows me to have real data of the teeth. This equipment is very helpful to predict exactly the orientation that we want for the implant so it exactly matches the other teeth and the bite. It is a very useful machine that we use from all 4 implants to veneers or crowns. 

Precise and predictable implant treatment is all about being very very detailed. We have the technology here so we can predict your treatment accurately and provide you the highest level of a treatment while keeping you safe. 

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