This International Women’s Day we want to honour all those women who consistently put others first, looking after everyone else.

We’re big supporters of seeing women gain all the rights that should be afforded to them at Dr Bobby Chhoker. Women have an amazing capacity to care for and look after those around them. Juggling careers, family, kids and crazy work schedules! And often this means that they sometimes leave themselves till the very last.

This international women’s day we’d like to remind all women about how special you are and that it’s OK to put yourself first. That’s why we’ve got a really special deal for any women out there who have been putting off getting the smile your deserve, up to 30% off any dental treatment.

Is it time you put you and your smile first this International Women’s Day? Book in for any treatment at the clinic and quote the code ‘Women’s Day’ and we’ll be happy to take up to 30% off the cost of the treatment. Conditions Apply.

Just give us a call to book your treatment.

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