Transforming your teeth is one thing, but transforming your body and mind is another. Which is why Dr. Bobby has partnered with Body Catalyst to help you look and feel great. 

So you’re probably asking, what is Body Catalyst? Located right next door to our clinic, Samantha Barakat Light CEO and founder of Body Catalyst, aims to shift the way people feel about themselves through safe and gentle non-surgical body treatments. Sam offers a holistic approach specifically for fat reduction, cellulite treatments and skin tightening and are Australia’s leading and largest body sculpting company! Working with nutritionists and health professionals, these services are conducted to make sure it is the best for their customers. 

It is one thing to look good on the outside but it is more important to be healthy, which is why Dr. Bobby has partnered with Body Catalyst to offer a whole package that will transform people in multiple ways. 

This partnership is perfect for people looking to use both these services, whether you are getting ready for an event like an engagement or wedding, heading overseas or on a self love transformation. Even for expecting mothers who come to Dr. Bobby to get their teeth checked during pregnancy and go to Body Catalyst post pregnancy. Both services provide a positive transformation in unique ways!

Through the partnership, Body Catalyst is offering all of Bobby’s clients a complimentary consultation and 20% off ongoing treatments! 

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