The problem with not replacing teeth

Did you know if you don’t treat missing teeth your entire mouth can collapse?  It’s important that you deal with missing teeth by getting them replaced. If you don’t the consequences can be quite severe. You see, removing a tooth is like removing a book from a bookshelf. Once the book is removed the other books collapse into the space that’s left.

Which is exactly what happens when a tooth is removed from your mouth. The other teeth can collapse into that space, causing your teeth to move, which means they are much harder to get straight again. Because the teeth have tilted they produce you new nooks and crannies that plaque can get in and build up which can cause even more problems. 

These problems can be solved by having a dental implant installed. A dental implant is basically a man made tooth that is installed into the gum and looks exactly like your other teeth. In fact implants stimulate the bone and help to maintain the levels of bone. Its permanently fitted in your mouth and you look after it just like a normal tooth,.

Implants can Restore Your Smile

Not only can we deal with single missing teeth we can also replace groups of teeth that have been pulled out or even a whole mouth of missing or decayed teeth! 

No more hiding behind everyone in the photo or eating around a menu or putting your hand in front of your mouth – it’s time for you to smile!

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