In this episode of In the Chair with Dr Bobby Chhoker all your teeth straightening questions will be answered. 

How do I keep my teeth straight?

Have your teeth moved after your braces were removed? This is a problem many people have and it may be because you are not using a retainer. Retainers ensures that the teeth are being kept in place. Retention is especially important after braces are removed because your teeth are still vulnerable to movement. 

There are 3 types of retention:

  1. Fixed retention – This involves a thin orthodontic wire that is put in at the back of the teeth so you can’t see it. The wire is just on the front teeth because if they are kept in place everything around them will also stay in place. It is very thin and polished, making it easy to clean. It is not intrusive or irritating for you either, often people will forget the wire is there.
  2. Removable retention – This is a clear braces style retainer that you put in at night to keep your teeth in place. You only need to wear it at night and is moulded to keep your teeth straight. 
  3. A combination of the above – This means you primarily have the fixed retainer so that they keep the teeth in place. If for any reason you break the wire and there is possibility the teeth might move this can be backed up by having the clear braces. You can be reassured that your teeth will stay in place with these options. 

Which one hurts more? Clear or Fixed Braces? 

The quick answer is that neither of them should hurt. The clear braces use small amounts of pressure to move the teeth. Overtime the clear braces become loose and you put another set in which start out tight. This is the process you repeat until you get those straight teeth you wanted. 

With fixed braces, we use the technology of Fast Braces that help to expand and move your teeth all at once. This method helps to get good results and we have patients report back saying that they don’t really feel anything other than the brackets of the fixed braces. These are now designed so they are curved, like the tooth as opposed to the old style that has the big blocks on the front of the teeth. 

Which one costs more? Clear or Fixed Braces? 

We are very competitive and because of huge movements in dentistry and modern technology the prices of braces have significantly dropped. We are proud to say we try to keep the price of both systems the same so that when you come in you’re not penalised because it may be better for you to have certain braces. We want the end result to cost the same for you regardless of the type of braces you need. 

We can assess what you need and provide you with a treatment plan that includes: a definitive cost, the number of appointments you need, the intervals between appointments, the length of your treatment and it is fully itemised.  If you’re thinking about keeping your teeth straight, visit our website or give us a ring to book your free consultation. 

If you have any more questions please contact us. 


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