In this episode Dr. Bobby Chhoker visits Stuart Whiteley at Henry Schein Halas, the biggest provider of dental products and materials globally. They have a large presence in Sydney and provide one of our top implants which is the BioHorizons implants. 

Dr. Bobby chats with Stuart Whiteley who represents both companies to discuss the new technology and what we can offer.

BioHorizons has been around for over 20 years and is led by science and innovation. The company thoroughly researches all their technology and are one of the only systems that has Laser-Lok technology.

What is Laser-Lok?

Dr. Bobby uses Laser-Lok and is very fond of this technology as it essentially uses microchannels to create connective tissue attachment and retains crestal bone, allowing better control of aesthetic outcomes. It joins onto the implant as if it was a tooth to stop pocketing or gum disease which can affect implants. It is like an extra protection and security method which is reassuring for people when they get implants. 

Particularly with implants, it is about the long term, as they are going to be there for life so it is important to have long term solutions and protection. This is what BioHorizons specialises in and they want to create long term solutions with this technology. BioHorizons is supported globally and supports local dental surgeons like Bobby. 

What is the new Intraoral Scanner?

We love the latest innovations in technology and want the very best for our surgery. The 

Intraoral Scanner is a new innovation that replaces the need to take impressions with moulds, as this impression process can be confronting for some people. This new technology makes this process more accurate, faster and more pleasant. 

It uses camera technology to take a digital picture as the dentist moves around scanning the teeth. The image of your teeth comes up instantly as a digital mould on screen and can be sent to the laboratory instantly. 

So if you are a patient and you’re considering getting implants or you want to know about the latest in technology check out the BioHorizons page here https://www.biohorizons.com/ or download the BioHorizons App which has patient focused information.

Before you have an implant treatment make sure you investigate what exactly is being put into your body and if you have any questions ask us.

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