In this episode Dr Bobby discusses all things related to wisdom teeth. If you ever have any concerns about your wisdom teeth, if they are growing or not, Dr Bobby can provide advice and solutions for you. 

What do I do about my wisdom teeth?

Firstly you need to find out if you need to get your wisdom teeth out. There are several reasons why people may need to get their wisdom teeth out: 

  1. Pain – A common reason to get your wisdom teeth out is because they are causing you pain. If you think something is happening it is better to get an assessment in case the pain could get worse. If the episodes of pain are becoming more intense and closer together this is often a sign that you should get your wisdom teeth removed.
  2. The wisdom tooth is associated with a pathology – This means that there is an absinthe, a growth or an infection and the wisdom tooth should be removed to avoid more damage.
  3. Jeopardising a healthy tooth – The wisdom tooth may affect the alignment of a healthy tooth. The wisdom tooth may be tilted and impact the other teeth, the tilting can cause an area you can’t clean well and can cause decay. In cases like these the wisdom tooth should be removed so as not to impact any healthy tooth and create further issues. 
  4. Need orthodontic treatment – If the wisdom tooth has had a fracture it may need to be taken out. Orthodontic treatment may be required when this is an issue. 

There are no real symptoms for the latter 3 reasons, so it is important to get them checked to ensure there are no issues with your wisdom teeth. It is important to get them checked early to avoid surgical treatment or wisdom teeth removal, if it is left for long the situation can become complicated. 

What is the process? 

The general process is to come in for an assessment so we can assess your wisdom teeth. It is ideal to go somewhere that has a CBCT X-ray which is 3D, we have this in our practice. This will check the back of the jaw which you want to protect at all costs. We want to ensure that we don’t detect any issues and no nerve damage. Without the assessment you won’t know what is wrong.

If we find after the assessment that you need to get your wisdom teeth out we provide you with a treatment plan that includes the cost and timing of the process, and we are are always present to guide you through the process. 

What are the pain control options?

The process itself is painless and can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Local anesthetics – We tend to use anesthetics that is a bit stronger than your usual dental anaesthetic because Dr. Bobby does a lot of work with bone and implants. We can use that for the process, you don’t feel anything but you are aware of the entire process.
  2. Twilight sedation – this makes you groggy and sleepy enough that you aren’t aware of what is going on and you wake up after the teeth are extracted. 

What is the pain control after the procedure? 

We give you pharmaceutical drugs that will help to resolve issues of inflammation, infection and pain. We also provide a guide to help with your postoperative techniques which include ice packs among other things that will address issues of pain and what to do in certain situations. If you are following the protocol, the results are often unpainful.

Where to start?

The important thing is to start a conversation with us, whether you feel pain or you think there is a situation with your wisdom teeth that need to be checked. We can take a look and give you a free consultation which includes an X-ray. From this we can assess what is going on and make an informed diagnosis.

So what are you waiting for? If you want your wisdom teeth checked give us a call today and take advantage of our free consultations. 


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