Dread having to get metal clunky braces to get the smile you deserve? Don’t want the hassle of getting food stuck in braces but still want the results?

Then clear braces may be the option for you. They offer you the same result but without the unsightly look of braces. Over the course of 6, 9 and 12 months you will see the change in your smile from crooked, gappy and crowded to straight and symmetrical.

They are easy to use and affordable. If you do decide to get treatment with our team you will have an appointment where we will create a comprehensive treatment plan where we will outline the length of your treatment, intervals between treatment and cost. Once we start with the mutually agreed plan we take moulds and photos of your teeth for assessment which we then create a digital mockup of what your teeth could look like.

When you are happy with what we can do to give you a beautiful smile we then send the authorization to get your clear braces/aligners.

In order to get your desired results multiple appointments will take place and you may have to have small attachments or alterations made.

Once your journey with clear braces has completed we then give you a complementary whitening and in order to maintain your wonderful new smile we also give you two retainers.

One that is removable that you wear at night and another fixed thin non invasive wire that is attached to the back of your teeth to ensure you have a perfect smile for years to come.

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